Tuesday, July 28, 2009

got to love my son

Levi has been bugging me to let him get a "red" mohawk forever now, I would not let him while he was in school and taking ROTC baecause I did not feel it fit with the dress code, but not that it is summer I finally agreed to let him. He is in Utah visiting family and had it done there so I have not actually seen it yet, other than pictures. Here he is at Grandma Bonnie's house with my nephew Sage.
I figure if getting a mohawk is his only "rebelious" moment at 17 we are doing pretty good. He really is a good kid, so eager to please, so helpful and easy to get along with and he rarely asks me for anything, I am lucky.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Going Home

Well it looks like I will be able to make my trip back to Utah for the family reunion after all, I was originally going to go for a week, visit family and friends and have a mini vacation, but then with all the changes at work I knew there was no way I could take that much time off right now, so instead I planned to go just for a couple days and at least see everyone at the reunion, then my boss told me he could not let me go due to some training we had coming up, I was disappointed but I understand it is not a good time with the new airline coming in, however he decided I could go and and do the training when I get back, so now I just need to finalize my flights, and see if Richard can get his leave approved, he is in a new unit now and not sure he can go, I really want him to go with me, but I do understand how the Army works, they get final say...I am crossing my finger though.
This will be my first trip home since I lost my Dad so I am a little nervous about it in general, it will be sad not being able to go home and see him, for that reason maybe just going for a couple days is good.
Levi is already in Utah hanging out with his cousin, Staci will fly in with me, and I do not think Stevie, Sienna or Cheyenne will be coming, they are in Colorado visiting their Dad, I had intended to fly them in when I came but now with the shorter trip I am not sure.
I am looking forward to seeing family, we always have great get togethers, and my MOms birthday will be right after I am there, so I cna celebrate that with her as well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I love my job....I think

Okay so it is 1241 am, I am at work anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 1006pm flight, major delay,(it is expected here at aprx. 145am) I have been here since 3 I am tired I am here all alone and I am trying to convince myself that I love my job.
So here are the Pro's and Con's I have come up with in the several hours I have been waiting.

flexible schedule
lots of down time I can use to study while being paid
no gym fees as I get a good workout lifting bags
I work with some pretty great people
Grateful passengers when I find/deliver their bags, get them on a flight, etc.
seeing happy military families when their Dad/husband/child gets off the plane home for leave
if I need to I can bring the kids with me to work


it is a constant learning experience running three or is it four now computer systems.

crazy shifts
LOTS of delays
bags are heavy
very low pay
half my job is outside and the weather is extreme here
nasty mean disgruntled passengers who are sure it is ALL MY FAULT, their bags are lost, plane is late, they did not bring their tickets etc.
seeing the sad military families when their Dad/Husband/Child leaves to go back to Iraq
Trying to keep up on all the computer systems, FAA and TSA rules.

Well I guess the Pro's out weigh the cons, though as you can plainly see I am sure the biggest reason I work this job is the flight benefits, the amount of money we have saved just in flights alone adds up, and being able to study here at night when it is quiet and there is nothing else to take my attention is a bonus, so I guess for now I will "suck it up" get my second wind, hope the plane gets here soon and come back and do it again tomorrow...oh yea thats right tomorrow is now today!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Levi's Birthday

Levi turned 17 on the 7th, I just don't know how he got so grown up so fast, I hate that my kids are growing so quickly, I love each new stage and seeing the people they are becoming, but some days I just want to turn back time and have them be little again!
We had a fun day for his birthday, we got up went shopping so he could pick out the outfit he wanted, then he got to pick our lunch spot (we had chinese) cake and ice cream and presents later that night and pizza for dinner. I told him he still gets to pick an outing spot to go, I think we are going to try and go someplace fun while we are in Utah in a few weeks. Here he is blowing out his candles, german chocolate cake of course, his favorite.

Here he is dressed in his new outfit, from Hot Topic...the kids just love that store.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Here are some pictures from our trip to see General Custers house and the cavalry museum (both located on Fort Riley) here are Staci and Cheyenne by the original hitching post outside the home. Up until the 1970's people still lived in the home, now it is set back up as it was when he resided there.
Rich and I on the front porch
one of the bedrooms, I just love the rocking horse and baby pram.
Inside the Cavalry museum, this is the first American flag flown in Japan after they surrendered
a original gatling gun, I had never seen one up close before.