Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things are moving fast

Well finally it looks like we are seeing some progress on Richards retirement, we got the initial paperwork back from Fort Lewis, Richard signed it and now it gets sent back to a rating.  They tell us this can take up to 6 weeks, but some have been coming back in as little as three, what that ends up meaning is we could be done as early as the end on January.  We have stepped up our house hunt and are now actually working with a realtor to have things narrowed down before we get there, with any luck we will only have to stay in a motel for a couple weeks while we look at the houses and determine what we want to do.
I found two perfect houses now, they both had exactly what we are looking for, are in the price we want to spend, but of course we cannot buy one now so I can only hope we will still be able to find what we are looking for once we have an actual move date.