Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clint's birthday visit

My brother Clint comes to visit often, whenever he needs a quick break from the "bush" and does not have enough time to go clear back to the states.  We always enjoy having him, this time he came for his birthday, he decided he was going to be 28 again thus the candles on his cake. (they are hard to see but it is a 2 and an 8.
 I found him this cute doctor nutcracker on the after Christmas sales, it was perfect for him.  We also got him some twinkies for fun, he was here when Hostess announced they were closing and we tried to find some at our little hostess store, but they were gone.

The kids always have fun playing with him, I think it is great they are able to have family here often, and they have such fun with him.
I just love this picture he took of him and Conner.

The day he had to fly back out we went to Anchorage and hiked Earthquake park, it was fun to get out and the weather was pretty nice.  None of us had been here yet, so it was a nice trip.  We will take the kids and go back this summer for sure, it leads right down to the inlet so if it was warm the kids could wade in the water.

I am looking forward to his next visit and hopefully some other family and friend visits soon.  We have some guests who are planning summer trips up here now, it will be great to have them.