Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who knew being a Mom would break my heart

Of all my children Levi is the one who had NEVER given me any trouble, he has always been sweet, respectful, lovable, and so on, that being said I now have to wonder who or what has invaded my sweet boy and left this monster!
We have been having a few problems getting Levi to come home, do his chores etc. he had taken to staying at a friends as often as he could get away with, literally coming home from school and then out the door to Trevors house, gone all weekend, not doing his chores, and his chores consist of taking out the trash, cleaning up after the dog, and feeding the dogs by 5pm, he started lyeing saying he had fed the dogs when he had not, Daniel had to start taking out the trash because it would be over flowing and then the final straw came when I saw on the parents portal that Levi was missing math class and failing, so when I talked to him about it and told him he needed to stay home until his grade was up he went nuts and told me he is 18 he can do whatever he wants and he is moving out with Trevor and he left.  I gave him and me 24 hours to calm down and tried calling him, he would not take my calls so told him he needed to bring us back his military ID, Richard should not have to be responsible for him if he is not here, and he had the privileges that come with the ID because of Richard, well he told me he had already been to JAG I can not make him give me his ID, I cannot make him come home, he can do what he wants when he wants and the worst part is I can hear this other kids mom in the background telling him "you tell her she cannot do anything so she needs to stay out of it, we have talked to legal and you can live here etc etc"  who does this women think she is...I told Levi he needs to come here and talk to me about this like an adult and he said not unless she comes with him, because she knows all the legal rights, I told him if she steps foot in my house I will have her arrested.  She has half the neighborhood boys fighting with their parents and living there shortly after they turn 18, it is weird.
I was so upset after all this that I talked to his Dad, Steve somehow got ahold of Levi and talked to him, so Levi came home, gave us his ID (I had told him he could have it back if and when he showed me he could be responsible) and apologized but then he left said he would rather live over there and off he went then he went to the school made it so we can no longer check his progress on line or at the school and we have not seen or heard from him since.  Even in Stevie's worse teenage years I have never been talked to as disrepectfuly as he was to me, I was shocked, hurt and had no idea how to react.  This is my kid, I raised him, I sacrificed for him, and I loved him and some other women walks in and takes him from me and turns him against his whole family, I don't even know how to process that.  What I do know is I feel I have failed as a mother, I want to curl up in my bed and stay there until this nightmare is over, but I have other kids I have to worry about so I get up try my hardest not to spend the day crying and trying to figure out where I went to wrong with a kid I thought I had such a good close relationship with.  I go to bed at night and pray he will be okay, and that it wont hurt so bad tomorow.