Monday, November 30, 2009

FRG fundraiser

Friday (black friday no less) the day I normally would not leave my house no matter how good the deals, we had our  first FRG fundraiser, we did gift wrapping at the PX, so starting at 6am Richard and I along with a few of the soldiers and wives from the company met up and wrapped gifts, it was fun teaching soldiers to wrap, they did a great job.  Staci came down later and helped and then Stevie and Nichol took over for me when I headed to work that afternoon, it was a good fundraiser, fun and we made a  nice amount to add to our fund.  Above it Staci and I along with one of Richards soldiers Pvt Arrington and Major General Brooks the Post comander who stopped by our table and agreed to have his pictures taken.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I had finaly decided for many reasons I had dealt with enough at work and decided to give my notice, before I could do that the new manager asked me to meet  with him and he offered me a promotion and a decant raise, I voiced my concerns to him and told him I had been thinking of quiting but agreed to give the promotion a try and he agreed to address some of the concerns I have had, so I am hopeful that things will get better, this will mean more money which is nice but also more hours making it that much harder to juggle family, school, FRG work and so on, I think I will be able to manage, Stevie is back now, Richard is always so helpful and the other kids are good to pitch in and help me so I guess now time will tell.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jesse James

A couple weekends ago we decided to take a drive to St Joseph Missouri about 2 hours away to see the house where Jesse James was shot. Jesse James is our "distant" cousin, if I remember right his Dad and my Great Grandma where brother and sister, anyway since we were so close we drove on over, we had some "famous" Missouri barbque, it was very good then off to tour the house. Here is my sister Nichol and Cheyenne in the living room of the house. Next my brother in Law Steve, Levi and Staci looking at the displays

Cheyenne looking at the pictures of him through the years, in the display case is the pieces of the glass top and handles from his original casket, when they exhumed him to do the DNA testing to prove he did indeed die from the gunshot the top was broken but they kept the pieces, he is now buried in a new casket in a cemetary in Missouri.

Next is the gunshot hole in the wall, the problem with this is, they have now proved that the fatal bullet never left his skull, so not sure where the hole in the wall came from, guess it makes a good tourist site. Picture of the outside of the house, it has been moved from the original site, but is in the same neighborhood it was in. The farm where he grew up is not far from this house, but we did not make it over there, we will save that for another day trip.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a fun Halloween, I had to work that afternoon and had agreed to go back that night to secure the plane, but I was able to be home for trick or treating, so that was nice, we had so many trick or treaters this year I ran out of candy! The girls had a lot of fun, Cheyenne dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, Staci was a Geisha with fangs of course since these days everything must have some sort of Vampire theme. My sister Nichol and her husband Steve have moved out here with us so she was here to help get the girls ready and she made a nice dinner that night for us all, Steve took the kids that afternoon and got them pumkins to carve, Richard took Staci out trick or treating, while Cheyenne went with her friends and Levi was off with his friends, it was nice to have all the help,the kids had a good time I was able to cover my shifts at work without the kids suffering so it was nice.