Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am finally getting some of the profesional pictures from our reception put in the computer,to see them click on the piccassa album link on the side, I think she did a very nice job with them, this is one of my favorites I just think it captures something so sweet and innocent.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Company Christmas Party

We had Richards Company Christmas Party tonight, the Captain and the LT did a really nice job putting it together, everyone had a nice time.
Cheyenne thought she was to old to see Santa, but I got her to go up for a picture.Sienna is at an age where she thinks Santa is great, she was so good to wait her turn to tell him all the things she wants this year.Staci had to pretend she is shy, but she really had a good time.Levi got the brilliant idea to get involved in the egg nog drinking contest..the prize... all the left over egg nog, he did not win, but he came close, though he was feeling pretty sick when we got home, Stevie is off to the side of him in the picture to cheer him on.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


A couple nights ago we had Staci's school Christmas program, her class put on their version of the Nutcracker, they had talking and singing, so it was different then the ballet we used to see every year, but they followed the story very well and of course the kids looked as cute as could be.  Staci was a Chinese tea cup dancer, she did a great job.  She is in the pink above doing their fan dance.

Posing with the Nutcrackers in the lobby after the program.

musical number.

Of courseSienna needed a picture with Staci, love the big smiles.