Saturday, May 11, 2013

The grandbabies are here

I flew Stevie and the girls up here for a visit, I had planned to fly down there when she had the baby, but decided for just a little more I could bring them here for longer and everyone could see them.  They will be here about a month and then decide if they are going to move up here later this year...crossing fingers for that.
 We have been having a lot of fun, We spent one day playing out on the deck, my deck was one of the big selling points of this house, I love the size and the view from it.  It is big enough for the babies and I to play ball on.
 Izabella and Conner had such fun kicking the ball around with me.
 Sienna and Izabella found our last pile of snow.
 We spent yesterday afternoon at the park, it was a very warm day and there was no school so it was a bit crowded but the kids loved it.
Even Layci Dawn enjoyed being out in the sunshine.

 I think little Layci Dawn looks like a Dr. Seuss character, her hair sticks straight up no matter what you do and she has the prettiest big dark eyes, I call her "thing 3"
Bella found this slide and wanted to go down it over and over, I think she spent the majority of her time on it, she even talked Aunt Staci into going down with her.
Now if Levi were just here this would be perfect.  I am so enjoying having the girls here, I have missed them terribly I don't even mind the extra mess in the house much :)