Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tea cup bird feeders

I have such a great yard full of trees, and have wanted to add bird feeders for some time now.  When I looked at them at the store I just could not find anything I really loved for the price they wanted me to pay.  Then one day I came across this cute bird tea cup and saucer, I bought it even though I really had no need for it.  It sat on the counter for a couple weeks and one day I though I should make that into a bird feeder.  A little gorilla glue and some imagination and I had a cute bird feeder.
 After that I decided I should make some more, after all I have a lot of yard and trees and a lot of birds.  Two more are from tea cups and saucers I found really cheap at local thrift stores and one is a plant pot turned upside down on a saucer.  They were fun and easy to make, cost very little and so far the birds are loving them.

 I love the Irish clover one, I am able to see it from my bay windows while I am having coffee in the mornings.
This one is in the front yard and had already attracted some very colorful birds, it will be great in the summer when I am out on the side deck that over looks this area.

I think I will make some more for gifts and perhaps a few more for the yard as I come across cute tea cups.

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  1. What a cute idea. I love teacups. I even have a tea set that I won't let anyone touch. Course those ones won't be bird feeders. I'll have to keep that one in mind. Hope your enjoying Alaska. We finally got some snow this week. The first real snow I have seen since moving here. Bet you got a bunch where your at.